I remember
Wood, drywall, plaster, paint, transducers, audio
180" x 144" x 144"

In I remember, I employed testimony from personal interviews with female survivors of sexual assault, investigating how the listener of a trauma narrative can become the participant and co-owner of the traumatic event. Connecting this to anti-monuments, I considered, what is the responsibility of the listener when bearing witness? How does this connect to cultural memory and collective responsibility? How is trauma transmitted, remembered, and forgotten? How is it erased? In this interactive sculptural multichannel audio installation, I embedded survivors’ stories into different walls, one voice per wall. From a distance, the audio is soft – a faint murmuring emerges from the sculpture, echoing in the gallery. As viewers press their ears to the walls, they can hear a survivor’s story in her own words. Viewers climb, sit, crouch, and lean as they listen to these stories, acutely aware of their own bodies.