Becca Kahn Bloch is a mixed-media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA in Art Practice at Stanford University, and has an undergraduate degree from Oberlin College with double majors in Studio Art and Gender, Sexuality & Feminist Studies. Trained as a printmaker with experience in lithography, etching, screenprinting, and letterpress, her current work is multidisciplinary, engaging with sculpture, painting, and site-specific installation.

I am interested in liminality – in the in-between. My art practice focuses on grey areas: places that are neither here nor there; experiences that are inexplicable; identities and modes of being that are ungrounded and untethered. I want to confront viewers with places they may not consider “real”; with emotions that they may not be able to understand or articulate; and with ways of being and understanding the world that are uncategorizable and even incoherent. I engage with queer theory as a way to understand and rearticulate that incoherence, as a way to consider moments of failure as opportunities for possibility. Defying categorization and articulation, grey areas are sites of failure, and by presenting viewers with these areas – with these failures – I aim to present them with alternative ways to consider our seemingly static world. I am interested in series and multiples as a means of exploring liminality; the gaps in between offer the viewer a moment to transcend the piece and consider what happens in these blank spaces. My formal training as a printmaker informs my work, as I often use a reproductive matrix to create variations on the same imagery.