Taken Space: A queer exhibition of arT

The purpose of this show is to create a space that is accessible to all artists, regardless of gender, race, orientation, class, experience, or artistic content. We are attempting to create a “queer” space, by which we mean an exhibition:

that is aware of the power and privilege associated with selecting and presenting art;
- that attempts to enable all artists to access that power and privilege;
- that seeks to undermine, if not eliminate, the exclusion many artists have felt, and continue to feel, in exhibitions;
- that encourages artists to consider their own privilege and oppression when exhibiting.

This is not a “queer art show”—its content will not be restricted to “queer art” nor its artists solely “queer artists.”  We are creating a space by which all artists can engage in, and take ownership over, the power intrinsic in exhibiting and presenting art. 

SEED House
Oberlin, OH